It finally happened on a Monday. The Friday prior, one of her coworkers was fired. The boss did it via chat. He was in the office all day, working alongside her, then left around 2pm, went home, and chatted her. Her response was aghast, "are you really doing this over chat?" She was surprised, confused, … Continue reading Monday


She started applying for jobs. At first, only the interesting ones, only from home, with enthusiastic and personalized cover letters. Later, she applied to everything, always, tailoring the application packets in an incognito window during lunchtime. She signed up for email alerts and refreshed craigslist on a a regular basis, desperate for anything new and … Continue reading Interviews


I like to read about celebrity gossip. I cared when I was younger and I still do, as a normal, functioning, educated, semi-interesting adult. It started with magazines. Celebrity gossip is baked into all magazine articles. I still remember reading about how Mariah Carey's mom was an opera singer, in YM magazine in the mid … Continue reading True