I can't think of anything worse than seeing your loved ones hurt, in pain, embarrassed, or upset. Not having the ability to fix their hurt is truly, truly heartbreaking. Retrospective



I already stopped looking at facebook because it was too hard and made me feel too crappy about myself. Intellectually, I know. I know that people's lives aren't the great thing they seem and nobody puts up pictures of themselves crying or being mundane, but still. As an act of self-preservation, I stopped logging in. … Continue reading Jumpsuit


I was thinking about the Marie Kondo method of decluttering-- you review each item in your life and keep only items that spark joy. If I were to only keep things that spark joy, the very first thing I would declutter is my job. Laughter


Edith was always a creative child. Those without a bustling group of childhood friends often are. She drew and created, read books and did experiments, talked to her dog and her sister, and used her imagination to her utmost ability. She never shied away from exploring further, writing letters to authors of books she liked … Continue reading Art


My boyfriend the summer after senior year of high school wore a black hoodie with a red heart at the end of the sleeve. He would then say, "I wear my heart at the end of the sleeve" and point to his wrists. Sleeve