I already stopped looking at facebook because it was too hard and made me feel too crappy about myself. Intellectually, I know. I know that people’s lives aren’t the great thing they seem and nobody puts up pictures of themselves crying or being mundane, but still. As an act of self-preservation, I stopped logging in.

Now, it’s instagram. The explore feature shows you pages that might interest you and it thought that I would be interested in two women I went to college with. They both happen to live in New York. I think one works in fashion and the other in tv. They hang out with attractive people and wear makeup during the week to attend fancy events and travel to cool locations. I know that intagram is just facebook with less words and political opinions, so it should follow that the same feeling would follow. But thus far, it hasn’t. I’m a lot more selective on instagram. I don’t follow every single person I know. The ones I do are actual friends, travel accounts, dog accounts, and a few celebrities. I don’t follow people from college whose lives make me feel inadequate.

Is the solution to quit instagram? I don’t want to be disconnected. Is the solution to not look at the explore page? That seems like an odd rule, an odd line to draw. Do I somehow fix my feelings so I don’t feel so down and inadequate? How? How do people do this? Suggestions accepted.


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