Just move already

My best friends don’t live anywhere near me. I went to college less that 30 miles away from where I grew up, but I was lucky enough to go to a private, expensive, semi-prestigious school filled with kids from all over the country. As a result, my friends all pursued their goals and dreams and attended grad schools and got internships or jobs all over the country. It’s amazing to see a group of women that have incredibly varied interests running after their goals. Even I have made two separate cross country moves and ended up on the west coast, far away from friends and family. The amazing part of devoted friendships is how committed we are to seeing each other and maintaining the inside jokes and bonds that bring us together. We force each other to do at least one big trip a year, and attending weddings, bachelorette parties, and now baby showers forces us to schedule even more time together. I love every second of the trips that drain our bank accounts, our FaceTime giggles, and group text life announcements. Even though my friends aren’t close in proximity, at least they are always available, even just through Instagram.




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