The reluctant litigator

During law school, I had the worst boyfriend. He wasn’t very nice, he didn’t apply himself, he smoked pot all the time, and he made me feel like everything was my fault. He hoped I wouldn’t make it on clubs or boards so that I would be more time for him. He didn’t want me to get a dog because it would take attention away from him. He would threaten to break up with me every time I brought up a problem in our relationship. He didn’t help or support me in job searching.

And all this during the recession. When I graduated, it was the worst time to graduate law school. Nobody was hiring, firms were laying off, government agencies were offering unpaid jobs with no benefits. Everything seemed hopeless.

And then, in order to boost employment numbers, my school decided to offer 10 week fellowships to work for non-profits. I applied and got one, and at first was going to stay in the area and get a job.  Then I decided to go for it and move to DC. I got a craigslist sublet, a non-profit to work with, and made the move. I made inroads with friends, met a guy to date, and interviewed for permanent jobs. I knew, slowly but surely, life was going to get better. The bad relationship and the hopelessness of my future career stopped weighing me down and I finally felt like I was going to be a real adult and potentially even be ok at it



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