Welcome to sugared! It’s my place to discuss the things I love, the books and articles I’m reading, the food I’m making and eating, and everything in between. I hope some will join me on the ride, especially as I  love recommendations.

For today, as the gift-giving season is upon us, let’s take a look at things I’ve been wishing for lately.

Something I want

The Chunky Wool Wide Crew Neck

This sweater looks so incredibly cozy while not seeming frumpy. I’d wear it all winter and feel both fashionable and warm.

Something I need

Naked2 Basics Palette

Need is used loosely here. When I want to feel very professional and put together, I always feel like a neutral eye shadow helps me feel the part. I’ve never tried Urban Decay’s Naked palettes, but the world seems to love them.

Something to wear

Kevin McAllister’s Home Alone Hat

While watching Home Alone the other day, I realized how magnificent Kevin’s hat is and how grateful I would be if someone just happened to gift me this hat. Thanks, everyone.

Something to read

Who Do You Love

While perusing through countless book reviews, I pick out the books that seem most interesting and add them to my hold list at the library. By the time they come to me, I’ve completely forgotten what books I’ve reserved and why. I started this a few days ago and it’s captivated my attention. I can’t wait to get back to it.


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